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What is E-Export? Why Should You Do E-Export?

What is E-Export? Why Should You Do E-Export?

The size of trade grows in proportion to the breadth of the service network. Therefore, companies that can sell abroad are often referred to as "big", especially. In a trade environment where buying and selling takes place between countries, both parties benefit. Even e-commerce companies are increasingly inclined towards selling abroad. Exporting, or selling abroad, thus emerges as an action that influences international trade.

Why Should You Do E-Export?

As the owner of an e-commerce company, you always aim to take your business higher. E-export is one of the pinnacles of e-commerce because it signifies your ability to expand overseas. Whether it's Europe, America, Asia, or the Middle East, if an individual or institution prefers your e-commerce site in Turkey over a local one in their own country, it indicates the potential for your brand to grow. Expanding globally means you've already surpassed your local competitors.

There's a different competitive environment in international trade, and this competition enhances both the popularity of your e-commerce site and your experiences. Additionally, e-exporting is much more practical and advantageous compared to traditional exporting. Therefore, even if you have a physical business, conducting exports electronically is more beneficial for your business. Through electronic exports, you can sell even a small product to an individual customer living abroad via your e-commerce site. You don't need to sell a container full of products.

With electronic exports, you don't need an operation in the country where the product is ordered to reach the buyer abroad. Having a branch or store abroad is not a necessity because your e-commerce site already becomes a store serving globally. This method allows you to sell directly to consumers and earn foreign currency, i.e., foreign exchange. Economically speaking, it's an advantageous trading method.

How to Do E-Export?

You can open an e-commerce site, enhance the infrastructure of your existing e-commerce site, or utilize e-export platforms to conduct e-exporting. When you add your products to e-export platforms, they become available for purchase by customers abroad. If you think your brand has low potential for sales abroad, you can take advantage of the popularity and infrastructure of e-export platforms. Completing the e-export application steps of relevant platforms is sufficient for this.

If you want to increase your brand value and reliability, you should use your own e-commerce site. Conducting electronic exports through your own e-commerce site is also advantageous in terms of cost.